Implementation Quick Start


How Do You Share the News? If you’ve been learning about implementation science, chances are you’d like to share what you’ve learned with others in your organization. How do you grab their attention? How can you pique their interest in implementation science without overwhelming them?

SISEP has an answer! We’ve developed a new “Implementation Quick Start” lesson presentation to help you introduce the concept of implementation science and the Active Implementation Frameworks to your leadership, your team and your organization.  The streaming presentation is available 24/7 on the AI Hub.  Take advantage of this opportunity to spread the news!

Source: SISEP:State Implementation and Scaling-up Evidence-based Pratices Center

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Why Education Innovation Tends to Crash and Burn


Having opined a good bit about “innovation” (check out Ed Unbound for much of my current thinking), I’m sometimes asked about why it’s so hard to scale promising programs, models, pilots, and notions. On that note, I just had the chance to spend a few days with a bunch of terrific folks discussing just this topic at a Kauffman Foundation retreat. Kaufmann will be issuing a synthesis with the collected wisdom that emerged. Meanwhile, I figured I’d share my own thinking with you.

There are at least two big sets of obstacles when it comes to “scaling” innovation. First, innovative models often rely on tough-to-replicate elements. Second, there are key structural conditions that impede efforts to grow even more replicable models.

Source: Education Week

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