What do we know about principal preparation, licensure requirements, and professional development for school leaders?


CEELO reviewed data on 21 states principal licensure requirements, conducted structured interviews with experts on principal preparation and professional development in 7 states, and spoke with staff at the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Institute for School Leadership. Our research reveals an array of administrator licensure titles assigned to grade-level authority across states, some permitting principals or administrators the flexibility to oversee programs ranging from early childhood through high school. To date, only Illinois has included early childhood content specifically in their licensure and accreditation processes. Early childhood content is not a required element of principal preparation or professional development for principals in most states, according to our findings. Very few states have any formal requirement for early childhood content in licensure for principals responsible for early education programs. Some states have developed policies and programs that acknowledge a need for integrating early childhood content DE, IL, MD, NJ, PA, WA, but very few have progressed beyond initial stages of providing training or outlining policies.

Source: the Center for Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes

Available at: http://www.researchconnections.org/childcare/resources/27990

Leading for Early Success: Building School Principals’ Capacity to Lead High-Quality Early Education


Decades of research find that effective school leadership and access to high-quality early education are two of the most important determinants of educational outcomes. School principals affect both teacher and student performance and play an important role in turning around troubled schools. High-quality education, from prekindergarten (pre-K) through third grade builds foundational knowledge and skills that prepare students for long-term success.

Source: National Governors Association

Available at: http://www.nga.org/files/live/sites/NGA/files/pdf/2013/1306LeadingForEarlySuccessPaper.pdf