Early Moments Matter Toolkit

The Early Moments Matter: Small Steps, Long-Lasting Effects (EMM) PowerPoint presentation provides information on the critical importance of early and healthy attachments with children birth to eighteen months. The content is provided by Early Moments Matter, a campaign dedicated to making sure every child has the best possible chance at emotional well-being.

Source: Early Head Start National Resource Center

Available at: www.earlymomentsmatter.org.

Reflective Supervision: A Tool for Relationship-Based EHS Services

The work of nurturing babies and supporting families always revolves around relationships: the relationships of the teacher or home visitor with the infant, toddler, and family, and the relation- ships within the family or within the staff. Baker and Manfred-Petitt (2004) wrote, “Relationship-based pro- grams support the view that every interaction counts” (p. 10). They further described a “family model” of quality child care like the “loving web of relationships that surrounds a child in a well-functioning extended family … a community of people who care about the child and about one another” (p. 13).

Source: Early Head Start National Resource Center

Available at: http://www.ehsnrc.org/PDFfiles/TA13.pdf