Tots -N- Tech E-Newsletter: Smart Boards = Independence for Young Learners


Research studies suggest a connection between student interest and actual learning. Attention, concentration and feelings of surprise, excitement and enjoyment are all important indicators of student interest in learning according to Dr. Raja Maznah, professor at the University of Malaya and the head of the SMART education program. When children’s curiosity increases, they want to know more information to answer their uncertainties. Technology has been proven to spark an interest for many children, especially in the classroom. Many schools have started thinking of ways to bring the benefits of technology into their classrooms (Sani, 2007). SMART Boards is a first idea that comes to mind.

Source: Tots -N- Tech

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EZ AT 2: Simple Assistive Technology Ideas for Children Ages Birth to Three

Welcome to EZ AT II, a guide for parents and professionals who want to help infants and toddlers with disabilities participate more fully in daily activities. This guide shows how using simple assistive technology (AT) can help children with disabilities from birth to age 3 reach that goal.

Source: PACER Center and Tots ‘n Tech Research Institute

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