Early Childhood News Update offers news, resources, and funding notices for Head Start/Early Head Start, child care and other early education professionals. This resource compiles information from a wide-range of resources including Federal announcements, news alerts related to early childhood services, and other media resources. Each entry contains a direct clipping from the link provided.

To help you as you search specific topics, types of resources, or information, each item is tagged with the appropriate terms.

Additionally, feel free to add comments or requests to items you see.

About the blogger, Amanda Schwartz, Ph.D.:

As a consultant, former teacher, and a parent of two young children, I understand how important it is to have access to the latest and most innovative thinking about early care and education. I work with educators and administrators to develop the best ways to support children and families through real-time learning, problem-solving, and reflective supervision. I developed this blog to help professionals and families stay current and find the best resources and information to make effective, evidence-based decisions.

Other publications written or co-written by Amanda Schwartz, Ph.D.:

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