Building Enduring Consulting Relationships That Deliver Results, by Amanda Schwartz – Early Childhood Webinars

Thursday, May 11th 2 – 3:30pm ET

Wonder what it is that makes real change happen in programs? Like everything else in the early childhood world, relationships and context promote positive outcomes.

As a consultant, you may only participate in select moments of an early childhood program. But the work you do can make a real difference. When you get to know a program well, you can individualize to support real change. Capturing the information they share and what you can learn through observation and conversation, you learn the nuances that impact results. Using what you know, you can facilitate problem-solving with administrators, staff, and families to find solutions. By facilitating the team’s planning, you also model a process they can use to unpack their own strengths and challenges, and find a new way of working together.

This webinar will talk about these critical components, while offering you things to think about and new strategies for working with programs. Participate and learn ways you can:Gather and use information about programs to understand the context of the program,Learn and challenge assumptions that individuals in the program may have, andIndividualize to find solutions that programs can use to improve results for children and families.

Check out Amanda’s blog post on our website: Building Enduring Consulting Relationships that Deliver Results

Source: Early Childhood Investigations

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