Social-Emotional Learning & ECE Program Culture: How to facilitate resilience and inclusive culture, By Dr. Maurice Elias

Early Childhood Investigations Webinars

Time: December 16, 2015, 2:00pm to 3:30pm ET

Presenter: Maurice Elias

This presentation will focus on how early childhood education programs can systematically build social-emotional learning/emotional intelligence skills in young children and enhance program culture and climate.

While many nations, and states in the U.S., include social-emotional skills among their standards, there has been less emphasis on how to build those skills in sustained ways. That includes not only classroom instruction and routines, but also how parents are reached and addressed. This presentation will focus on the most relevant SEL skills for young children, how they can be developed in schools, and how educators can take a lead role in bringing parents along in their ability to become life-long promoters of their children’s SEL abilities. These strategies will improve school culture and climate to build an environment of inclusion for families, children, and staff. Specific techniques for emotion recognition and regulation, social awareness, empathy, problem solving, and relationship skills will be demonstrated via examples and videos. I will show how to improve school culture and climate, as well as children’s’ social-emotional development by integrating skill building into classroom routines (like circle time and moving into Centers), language/vocabulary (particularly emotion vocabulary), non-verbal cues (how to read stories’ pictures before text), reading (stories that older siblings and parents can read to young children to build their “EQ”), and parental follow through (how to foster “Emotionally Intelligent Parenting”). Opportunities for questions and follow up will be provided.

Source: Early Childhood Investigations Webinars

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