Early Learning Language and Literacy Series


Welcome to the Early Learning Language and Literacy Series! This series of professional development modules on early literacy learning, birth to kindergarten, is designed to support the work of early education initiatives across the fifty states and the territories to support the language and literacy development of young children. The two key objectives for the Early Learning Language and Literacy Series are:

  1. To provide teachers with background information/research on early language and literacy
  2. To provide evidence-based strategies to support the language and literacy development of young children

Intended Audience. These modules are designed for professionals who are working with young children, birth to five. Participants may include teachers and administrators from early learning centers, family child care, Head Start, home visiting programs, nursery or preschools, or Early Intervention programs. Students from high school or college-level early education programs can also benefit from the presenters’ rich knowledge-base and informative presentations. The modules may be used for family education topics as well.

Facilitator Role. Facilitators have a critical role in assuring the successful delivery of the literacy series. Facilitators should be early childhood content experts with some basic knowledge about emerging literacy in young children. They should be comfortable with a webinar delivery system for professional development.

Format and Suggested Delivery. The series consists of 14 webinar-based modules, which together present a comprehensive look at literacy learning for young children and provide the viewers with a strong foundation for supporting children’s literacy development in their settings.

Each module is a stand-alone session and can be presented to a group independently or in a different order than is suggested. However, it is strongly recommended that all 14 modules be delivered as a series to expose participants to the full range of language and literacy domains, skills and instructional techniques that support young children’s development. Additionally, Module One provides the framework for the remaining 13 sessions and should be delivered first as the introduction to the series.

Getting Started. In addition to the video presentations, facilitators will have access to a set of documents that will enhance the delivery of the Early Learning Language and Literacy Series. They are housed in two locations: the Facilitator Toolkit and within 14 individual Module Kits. An overview of the series and supplemental materials are included in the Facilitator Toolkit. The individual Module Kits include all of the materials needed to facilitate that particular session. The Facilitator Toolkit and individual Module Toolkits should be used in tandem.

Source: GRADS360°, Preschool Development Grants, U.S. Department of Education

Available at: https://pdg.grads360.org/#program/early-learning-language-and-literacy-series

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