Measles – What Early Childhood Programs Should Know


Childhood diseases like measles can cause children pain and discomfort. They can result in doctor visits, hospitalization, and even premature death. Nothing protects young children better from serious diseases, like measles and whopping cough, than immunizations.

The Administration for Children and Families’ Office of Head Start (OHS) and Office of Child Care (OCC) believe it is critical that all children in Head Start and child care programs are vaccinated according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccination schedules.

Vaccination requirements for children entering child care programs vary by state. The CDC School and Childcare Vaccination Surveys page has information on each state’s vaccination requirements.

In addition to state entrance requirements for child care, Head Start programs are required to help all children in their care in getting up to date. These efforts have resulted in 97 percent of Head Start children being current on their immunizations.

It is important to note, that to be fully immunized, children need all doses of the vaccines according to the recommended schedule. Not receiving the full number of doses leaves a child vulnerable to catching serious diseases.

Source: Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center, National Center on Health

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