Emergency Preparedness Tip Sheets


Explore new tip sheets from the National Center on Health (NCH) that focus on children’s responses to crises and tragic events, as well as ways to help children cope. The resources are available in both Spanish and English. Use these tip sheets with Head Start and Early Head Start families and staff affected by a crisis or tragic event.

Children’s Responses to Crises and Tragic Events [PDF, 118KB]
Infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children who experience a tragic event may show changes in their behaviors. They also may be indirectly affected by a crisis through what they hear or see on TV. This tip sheet provides information on what families and staff might see and how children may response. It also includes additional resources for information.

Available in Spanish (español) [PDF, 121KB]

Helping Your Child Cope After a Disaster [PDF, 123KB]
After a disaster or crisis, children benefit when adults assure them that they are safe and help them learn how to cope effectively. This tip sheet provides families and staff with things they can do to help a child after a disaster or crisis. Discover ways to assure a child that steps are being taken to help keep everyone safe.

Available in Spanish (español) [PDF, 96KB]

Additional Resources

Emergency Preparedness
The Emergency Preparedness page offers many useful resources to assist children and families experiencing or recovering from traumatic situations.

Mental Health: Trauma
Discover ways to identify and help children and families experiencing trauma by checking out the links in the Trauma tab.

Health Services Newsletter: It’s Time to Prepare for Emergences and Disasters [PDF, 363KB]
This issue of the newsletter shares information about emergencies and disasters.

Source: Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center, National Center on Health

Available at: http://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/hslc/tta-system/health/ep/tip-sheets.html

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