Toddlers in Early Head Start: A Portrait of 2-Year-Olds, Their Families, and the Programs Serving Them 


This report describes findings from the second wave of data collection for the Early Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (Baby FACES) conducted by Mathematica Policy Research. Baby FACES is a longitudinal study in 89 Early Head Start programs around the country. Baby FACES follows two cohorts of children through their time in Early Head Start, starting in 2009, the first wave of data collection. The Newborn Cohort includes 194 pregnant mothers and newborn children. The 1-year-old Cohort includes 782 children who were approximately 1 year old (10 to 15 months). This report focuses primarily on children in the 1-year-old Cohort who were 2 years old in 2010. However, the technical appendix provides information on the Newborn Cohort (when children were 1 year old). The report addresses the following questions:1. What is Early Head Start? What are the program models employed, staff qualifications, and other important program features and characteristics?2. What specific services are delivered to families and what is their quality?3. What are the characteristics of the families Early Head Start serves in terms of their demographic, household, and family characteristics; their needs; and their risk factors?4. How are Early Head Start children and families faring over time?5. How many children and families leave the program early? When do exits occur and what do families experience while they are enrolled?

Source: Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families

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