Keep Children Safe Using Active Supervision


Children learn best when they are in safe, well-supervised environments. Head Start staff can reduce the possibility of a child getting hurt when they closely observe children and respond when needed. When programs think systematically about child supervision they create safe, positive learning environments for all children.Using active supervision means that programs:

  • Develop a systems approach for child supervision
  • Provide staff development and resources to ensure program-wide implementation
  • Use redundant strategies to ensure no child is left unattended

Revisit the webinars from A Week on Active Supervision. This five-part series showcased National Center active supervision resources across the birth to 5 continuum. The Office of Head Start (OHS) answered questions from the field and provided strategies for keeping children safe in Head Start and Early Head Start settings. Be sure to listen to OHS Deputy Director Ann Linehan’s important message about Head Start’s responsibility to ensure all enrolled children are accounted for and safe.

Source: Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center

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