Early Childhood Self-Assessment Tool for Family Shelters 


The Early Childhood Self-Assessment Tool for Family Shelters is intended to help shelter staff ensure their facilities are safe and appropriate for the development of young children. Facilities and professionals that can use this tool include:Natural Disaster SheltersDomestic Violence SheltersMaternity Group HomesFamily SheltersContinuums of CareEarly Care and Learning ProvidersWays to Take ActionBuild relationships with your Local Shelter Board and local Continuum of Care to emphasize the need for homeless services that are tailored for young children.Share this tool with other emergency shelter providers in your area, either informally or through your community’s Local Shelter Board and Continuum of Care.Connect with your local Head Start program and Child Care Resources and Referral agency.Review recommended strategies for increasing early care and education services for homeless children.Resources Related to the Self-Assessment ToolGuide to Developmental and Behavioral Screening for housing and shelter providersIn Case of Emergency FormChildproofing ChecklistSpecial Care Plan

Source: Early Childhood Development, Administration for Children and Families

Available at: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ecd/interagency-projects/ece-services-for-homeless-children/self-assessment-tool-family-shelters

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