Early Care and Education 2014 Legislative Action


In review of the 2014 legislative session, state lawmakers addressed an array of policy issues relating to young children through the introduction of more than 900 bills in 49 states.Of those, 111 have been enacted or adopted into law in 35 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Enacted legislation addressed the quality of child care, including basic health and safety standards, expanded and improved prekindergarten programs, boosted early literacy development in young children and promoted school readiness, addressed early childhood governance issues and data collection. There also were comprehensive bills that addressed multiple aspects of state early care and education policy.States are gearing up for the start of their 2015 legislative sessions. At time of publication, 11 states—California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina and Texas—and Puerto Rico have drafted and/or pre-filed bills for the 2015 session. Stay tuned for bi-monthly updates on states’ 2015 legislative activity beginning after the New Year.

Source: Early Care and Education 2014 Legislative Action

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