Early Learning Challenge Technical Assistance Program Website

The Race to the Top–Early Learning Challenge RTT-ELC discretionary grant program supports states in building statewide systems that raise the quality of Early Learning and Development Programs and increase access to high-quality programs for children with high needs, so that all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

The RTT-ELC discretionary grant program is administered jointly by the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. It is organized around five key areas that represent the foundation of aneffective early learning and development reform agenda:

  • Successful State Systems built on broad-based stakeholder participation and effective governance structures.
  • High-Quality Accountable Programs based on a common set of standards aligning HeadStart, CCDF, IDEA, Title I of the ESEA, state-funded preschools, and similar programs to create a unified statewide system of early learning and development.
  • Promoting Early Learning and Development Outcomes for Children through theimplementation of common statewide standards for young children, comprehensiveassessments aligned to those standards across a range of domains, and clear guidelines forimproving the quality of programs and services that promote health and engage families in thecare and education of young children.
  • A Great Early Childhood Education Workforce that is supported through professional development, career advancement opportunities, differentiated compensation, and incentives to improve knowledge, skills, and abilities to promote the learning and development of young children.

Source: Early Learning Challenge Technical Assistance Program Website

Available at: https://elc.grads360.org/#program

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