Early Childhood Investigations Webinars

Welcome to Early Childhood Investigations! The concept for this webinar series began  a long time ago when  I was a child care administrator who discovered a passion for using technology to get things done. Ever since, it’s been my dream to use technology to enhance practice for other early childhood administrators.

Over the years, in several positions, I was fortunate to have opportunities to blend my passion for early childhood education with my interest in technology– learning every step of the way. Now I am an independent consultant with my own company, Engagement Strategies, and I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do: Make professional development affordable and accessible for my colleagues.

Offering webinars not only requires technology know-how and friends who know how to deliver great presentations*, it also requires great partnerships and financial backing.  In May of 2010, I shared my idea for the webinar series with Judi Coffey, the CEO of Robert-Leslie Publishing.  Judi agreed to make Robert-Leslie the sponsor of Early Childhood Investigations for the inaugural year of the series. I am grateful for the generous sponsorship that helped me launch my dream and keep it alive for more than a year. Now I’m on a new journey to find new sponsors who also share the dream of connecting educators with great thought leaders.

I launched the series in July, 2010, and were thrilled to make a big impact by providing webinars to thousands of smart, savvy, and creative early childhood colleagues.

I am committed to continuing this initiative as long as there is interest from my colleagues in early care and education. I hope you will come along for the ride.

Source: Early Childhood Investigations

Available at: http://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/presentations/infant-toddler-social-emotional-development-the-heart-of-early-learning-by-peter-mangione/

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