Brain Gain: Implications for Programs for Children and Youth

November 11, 2014

The brain has hit the big time. Between the Obama Administration’s BRAIN Initiative, and the European Union’s Human Brain Project both ten-year, multi-million-dollar undertakings, we can expect to gain a much more detailed understanding of this organ that distinguishes us most from our closest species-relatives.

As highlighted in the recent Kristin Anderson Moore Lecture presentations at Child Trends, one of the remarkable features of the brain is its plasticity. With new imaging tools, researchers like our presenter Dr. Jane Roskams, from the Allen Institute for Brain Science, are demonstrating that important learning as evidenced by new neural connections can happen, even into late life, particularly in the prefrontal areas of the cortex. In some cases, parts of the brain that have been damaged can be repaired, and in others their function can be taken over by other brain regions not normally “assigned” to that job.

Source: Child Trends

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