International Journal of Early Childhood Special Edition

June 2014

Dear INT-JECSE readers and contributors,

We are excited to be with you with the first volume of sixth issue of the INT-JECSE as we are starting our sixth year with growing contributions of many experts from the field of early childhood special education worldwide. We would like to extend our appreciations to all who contributes by submitting  or reviewing manuscripts or have been readers of the INT-JECSE. In our first issue of the sixth year, you will find seven articles on various topics of young children with special needs and their families or professionals.

The first article written by Noel Kok Hwee Chia and Norman Kiak Nam Kee and entitled as “A Reading Support Program for Low-Income Preschool Non-Readers in Singapore” focuses on the effectiveness of a reading support program known as Support for Preschool non-Readers SUPER for preschool non-readers coming from low-income families in Singapore. Findings of the study indicated that there are significant improvements in the preschool non-readers’ word knowledge acquired through picture-based vocabulary and word recognition acquired through print and word awareness after going through the 8-month reading support program.

Selma Akalın is the author of the second article entitled as “Needs of Preschool Counselors about Inclusive Practices”. The author investigated the opinions and needs of preschool counselors about inclusive practices. Findings of this study yielded that preschool counselors had limited knowledge and skills related to inclusive practices. Furthermore, the primary needs of preschool counselors were about the topics of “characteristics of children with special needs,” “educational assessment and preparing Individualized Education Programs–IEPs, “deciding on which behavior modification method or strategy to use,” and “providing knowledge and support to preschool teachers about inclusive practices.”

With the title of “A Review of Early Numeracy Interventions for Children at Risk in Mathematics”, in the third article, the authors, Riikka Mononen, Pirjo Aunio, Tuire Koponen and Mikko Aro reviewed early numeracy interventions for four- to seven-year-old children at risk for mathematics difficulties. Their findings yielded 19 peer-reviewed studies with pre- and post-treatment control designs. The interventions were categorised as either core or supplemental instruction.

Meral Melekoğlu, İbrahim H. Diken, Seçil Çelik and Gözde Tomris in the fourth article conducted “A Review of the First Step to Success Early Education Program on Preventing Antisocial Behaviors”. Results of this study indicated that First Step to Success FSS is one of the early intervention programs that have been scientifically proven to be effective. FSS is a program implemented in school and at home. FSS consists of three modules: scan/diagnostic, classroom and home. Findings yielded that FSS is an effective method of preventing antisocial behavior, and teachers and parents were satisfied with the results of the program.

The fifth article written by Serra Acar and Yusuf Akamoglu and entitled as “Practices for Parent Participation in Early Intervention/ Early Childhood Special Education” focuses on the extent to which practices for parentparticipation in early intervention/ early childhood special educationEI/ECSE programs.

With the title of “Education and Social Statuses of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in Medieval Islam Societies”, in the sixth article, the author, Veysel Aksoy examined the legal rights of the people with intellectual disabilities, the use of these rights, their social status which arising from these rights in the concept of the Islamic Law.

The seventh article written by Kourtland R. Koch, Onur Ozdemir and M. Cem Akkose and entitled as “Enhancing Early Intervention Services for Children with Special Needs in the Middle East:A Turkish Initiative” focuses on early intervention services for children with special needs in Turkey.

Looking forward to being with you in December 2014 issue…

Macid A. Melekoglu, Ph.D., Associate Editor, INT-JECSE
Ibrahim H. Diken, Ph.D., Editor-In-Chief, INT-JECSE

Source: International Journal of Early Childhood Special Edition (INT-JECSE)

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