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We conduct and share research on families and children, and we look for ways to make the world a better place for them. We are passionate about the work we do. We set up The Child & Family Blog because we want to share the new knowledge that researchers create worldwide with all those who want to improve the lives of children—people who make policy, professionals who care for families and children, and families themselves.

The idea of this Blog started in a café at St Pancras Station in London in the spring of 2013. The idea quickly caught on, and within just months it had turned into an international collaboration spanning the UK, USA and Switzerland. Two leading academic institutions on both sides of the Atlantic are at the core of the Blog: The Future of Children at Princeton University and the Applied Developmental Psychology Research Group at the University of Cambridge. The funding from the Jacobs Foundation in Zurich – and their hands-on enthusiastic support for every aspect of the project – has been fantastic. We will work hard to find the best stories and to communicate them as widely as we possibly can.

OUR MISSION: bridging the gap between research and raising children

Children and families are best served when policies and practice are based on the best available evidence. We work with the media to bridge the gap between the worlds of research, on the one hand, and policy making and practice, on the other, as well as to give new tools to parents and other family members who care for children.

Source: The Applied Developmental Psychology Research Group at the University of Cambridge, The Future of Children, and The Jacobs Foundation

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