Professional Development at Gesell Institute

August 2014

Does your staff need professional development hours?
Looking for a new idea for a staff meeting?
Are you a parent looking for information about child development?
Are you working on a CDA?

Back by popular demand, Gesell Institute is offering a four-part webinar series,and the first session is FREE!

Individuals can register in our online bookstore.

8/5/14  4-5pm EST

The Road to School Success: Promoting Self-Regulation and Social/Emotional Development FREE!

Research confirms that children need to have mastered self-control in order to be successful in school. Staying seated and quiet while the teacher is talking, being able to line-up and walk throughout the school without running ahead or misbehaving, waiting for a turn and learning that everyone cannot be first at the same time or all the time, and working independently and staying on task without being distracted or begging for help are all very difficult skills to learn. They also do not develop overnight nor are they taught through rewards and punishment. This session helps parents and teachers provide ideal activities and the right amount of structure to the environment to help each child develop self-control.

Source: The Gesell Institute

Available at:

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