Dads Matter

Spending time together should start early. We all know moms’ and dads’ lives are forever changed when a child comes into their world. Babies who get lots of warm and positive attention from their dads feel more secure. Father involvement is linked to positive cognitive outcomes for a child and father involvement in pregnancy is linked to a reduction in infant mortality.

That’s why text4baby – through its free text messaging service – is launching new messages for expecting fathers and fathers with babies under the age of 1. These three messages contain critical information and tips on how to improve child health and safety, ways to engage with your baby and how to support a mother’s health.

New messages also reinforce how moms can support dads in their role as a parent. Moms can encourage dads to sign up or dads can sign up themselves and their friends by texting BABY or BEBE for Spanish to 511411. When you sign up, enter the baby’s date of birth so that you get the appropriate messages for you and your baby.

Click here to read a Fathers Day blog from the White House about these new dad-specific messages.

Source: text4baby

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via text4baby – Dads Matter.

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