The Routines-Based Interview Certification Institute for 2014 is fast approaching.

The Routines-Based Interview is used in many states and programs worldwide. Twenty one selected applicants participate in the RBI Certification Institute each year, representing numerous states and territories. The Institute is an intensive hands-on instructional opportunity conducted by Robin McWilliam, Ph.D., and colleagues. Training will include demonstration, practice and feedback

The Routines-Based Interview is a tool for collecting systematic information about the activities that occur in a family’s and a classroom’s typical day and the roles of adults and children during the activities. It is designed to identify a child’s abilities and determine educational/therapeutic needs, and it produces a list of functional goals; they are functional because the family and teachers choose them on the basis of the child’s abilities and needs within the context of family and community ecologies.


The purpose of the RBI Certification Institute is to train a cadre of expert interviewers who can train others to conduct the Routines-Based Interview. In turn, the quality of IFSP/IEPs is expected to improve. The Institute is one step in “scaling up” this practice that has been associated with more functional outcomes and greater satisfaction by families with the IFSP/IEP process.

Components of the Certification Institute include:

  • Families available to interview
  • Two concentrations: planning for children birth-3 years of age and 3-5 years of age
  • Feedback from multiple certified RBI instructors (coaches) throughout the week to prepare participants for their final competency exam and interview before certification
  • Follow-up assignments ensure competence before certification

Go to and apply now before all slots are filled!

Source: Amy Jenkins

  • Home- and Community-Based Early Intervention Coordinator
  • Siskin Children’s Institute


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