Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership Webinars http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ecd/ehs-cc-partnerships-webinars

Sign up for one of our webinars to learn more about the Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships and how states and communities can plan for this new grant opportunity.

Note: If a webinar title is not clickable, registration has not yet opened for that webinar.

Upcoming Webinars on Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships

  • March 14 1:30pm ET Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships: Getting Started. This session will provide an overview of Establishing Partnerships, Implementing Management Systems, Understanding Policies & Requirements, Facilitating Ongoing Communication, and Sustainability Planning.
  • March 19 1:00pm ET EHS-CC Partnership Examples: What Would Work In Your Community? This session will help you envision partnerships that lead to high quality, full day, full year programs that deliver comprehensive services to infants and toddlers in the unique context of your community.
  • March 20 12:30pm ET How State Policies Can Support Partnerships. This session will highlight areas of subsidy, including eligibility and continuity of care, that can support partnership efforts.
  • March 24 2:00pm ET Comprehensive Services Part I: Curriculum and Assessment. This session will highlight requirements around evidence-based curriculum, ongoing assessment, individualizing, teacher/child interactions, participating in QRIS along with other aspects.
  • March 25 2:00pm ET Comprehensive Services Part II: Health, Mental Health, Nutrition & Disabilities. This session will highlight expectations around health, mental health, nutrition and required services to children with disabilities. The role of child care health consultants will also be highlighted.
  • March 28 2:00pm ET Comprehensive Services Part III: Family/Community engagement. This session will highlight Early Head Start family engagement performance standards and intersections with state child care family engagement practices.
  • March 31 2:00pm ET Maximizing Resources in  Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships/Role of  Governance in Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships. This session will describe how applicants can make sound fiscal decisions and maximize resources when there is more than one source of funding.  In addition, the role of Governance will be explored.

Source: Administration for Children and Families

Available at: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ecd/ehs-cc-partnerships-webinars

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