Outcomes for Children Served Through IDEA’s Early Childhood Programs: 2011–12


In 2011-12, children with delays or disabilities who received services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) showed greater than expected developmental progress. Many children exited the program functioning within age expectations, and most made progress.

States’ Part C and Part B preschool programs report data annually on three outcomes:
1. Social relationships, which includes getting along with other children and relating well with adults
2. Use of knowledge and skills, which refers to thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and early literacy and math skills
3. Taking action to meet needs, which includes feeding, dressing, self-care, and following rules related to health and safety.

Source: The Early Childhood Outcomes Center

Available at: http://www.ectacenter.org/~pdfs/eco/OutcomesforChildren-FFY2011.pdf

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