QRIS Resource Guide – Quality Rating & Improvement System Resource Guide

The QRIS Resource Guide is intended as a tool for States and communities to explore key issues and decision points during the planning and implementation of a quality rating and improvement system (QRIS).[1] The Guide is divided into eight sections. Each section contains a set of questions with guidance for addressing the questions, for States to consider and discuss when planning, implementing, or revising a QRIS. The sections can stand alone, but it is recommended that the whole Guide be read in its entirety before starting to use it in a planning process.

The Resource Guide is a collection of decision points, examples, and resources to guide your efforts. There is no one approach that will work for every State or community, and new strategies continue to emerge in response to varying priorities, existing resources, new opportunities, and levels of support.

Source: Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Available at: https://occqrisguide.icfwebservices.com/index.cfm?do=resourceguide

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