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A modern housing campus for single mothers and their children provides on-site high-quality early care and education and career and mental health counselors, and is in close proximity to a college campus that helps the mothers complete career-focused degrees.  While in the program, the mothers advance their education, leading to greater income and financial stability for themselves and their children.


A Head Start center partners with a local community college to offer parents of enrolled children skills training to become nurses.  The young children are achieving kindergarten readiness, while their parents are moving into stable career paths, and building productive relationships with other students and teachers along the way.


A state human services department provides matched savings accounts for children enrolled in publically funded child care programs.  The children and their parents start planning for college as early as two years old, learning the value of saving, build their financial capability and open their first bank account resulting in new educational pathways and economic security for their families.

Source: The Aspen Institute

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