Medical Home & Patient-Centered Care


A medical home is an enhanced model of primary care that provides whole person, accessible, comprehensive, ongoing and coordinated patient-centered care. First advanced by the American Academy of Pediatrics in the 1960’s, the concept gained momentum in 2007 when four major physician groups agreed to a common view of the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model defined by seven “Joint Principles.” (For more information on the “Joint Principles” please go to Since 2007, NASHP has been tracking and supporting state efforts to advance medical homes for Medicaid and CHIP participants. NASHP’s medical home map allows you to click on a state to learn about its efforts. Our work is supported by The Commonwealth Fund.

As of April 2013, 43 states have adopted policies and programs to advance medical homes. Medical home activity must meet the following criteria for inclusion on this map: (1) program implementation (or major expansion or improvement) in 2006 or later; (2) Medicaid or CHIP agency participation (not necessarily leadership); (3) explicitly intended to advance medical homes for Medicaid or CHIP participants; and (4) evidence of commitment, such as workgroups, legislation, executive orders, or dedicated staff.

Source: National Academy for State Health Policy

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