Spending Time Outdoors Matters for Infants and Toddlers!

This podcast shares some of the benefits that infants and toddlers gain by spending quality time outside and offers some ideas for how to make the most of outdoor time.

Reflective Questions:
After you’ve seen or heard the podcast, consider these questions:

  • How often do you take infants and toddlers outdoors? Where do you take them? How long do they spend outside? What, if any, changes might you make to the daily schedule to support greater exposure to the outdoors?
  • What outdoor experiences do you currently offer infants and toddlers? What other kinds of experiences might you offer?
  • How do you involve families in planning outdoor experiences? How do you support them in spending time outdoors with their children?
  • How do you feel about spending time outdoors? Is it something you enjoy? Something you are not comfortable doing? How might your personal feelings affect children’s access to the outdoors and/or the types of experiences children are offered?

Source: Early Childhood Knowledge and Learning Center

Available at: http://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/hslc/tta-system/ehsnrc/Early%20Head%20Start/multimedia/podcasts/SpendingTimeOut.htm

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