Mike Spohr: On the Wings of a Nightingale


Today I ran into a Mexican restaurant to grab a quick lunch, and as I ate my meal I came across a table of nurses wearing hospital scrubs. As they chatted amongst themselves I thought about the many nurses my family has interacted with over the last five years, and I found myself filled with such appreciation for what these amazing women and men do for us.It was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that I initially saw how amazing nurses can be. My first child, Maddie, had been born almost 12 weeks premature, and the hospital staff, upon determining that Maddies lungs were immature, rushed her to the NICU. There Maddies life hung in the balance, and though my wife, Heather, and I longed to care for her ourselves, her condition made it so that we couldnt. We had to trust the NICU nurses to take care of our baby for us, and that was incredibly hard — especially at night when we went home to catch a few hours sleep.

Source: Huffington Post

Available at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-spohr/nicu-nurses-on-the-wings-of-a-nightingale_b_3353060.html

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