Bridging Distances with Telemedicine

This summer, Children’s Health Fund’s South Florida project will take mobile health care into a new dimension. Thanks to a generous grant and a lot of ingenuity from our partners at Verizon Foundation, telemedicine technology will enable Dr. Lisa Gwynn and her team to provide specialty care to kids right on the mobile medical clinic.

When they are referred to a specialist who might have offices far from their home, children living in poverty often lack the transportation they need to get to that doctor. They may be unable to get the expert follow-up that can make all the difference in their health outcome. This transportation barrier to care is eliminated with telemedicine by allowing our mobile doctors to share patient imagery and results remotely with specialists located miles away. A technician on Dr. Gwynn’s team will ensure the specialists are able to diagnose and treat the patients as if they were right in the room with them.

The Children’s Health Fund project in South Florida will launch the telemedicine program with three specialties: dermatology, nutrition, and cardiovascular health, with more to come. This exciting pilot project will also help us consider how to introduce telemedicine to our programs across the country, so that even more children can benefit.

Source: Children’s Health Fund

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