Teaching Your Child to: Identify and Express Emotions

Does this sound familiar?

Maggie is playing with her four-year-old son. He selects a truck puzzle and begins matching and placing the pieces in the holes. He has a difficult time turning a piece around so that it will match the hole and fit. Maggie tells him, “Let me help you turn it the right way.” Her son pushes her hand away and says in an agitated voice, “Let me do it.” He tries to fit the piece in again, but is unsuccessful. He screams and throws the piece across the room and then throws the puzzle at Maggie.

What would you do if this happened in your home? Would you throw in the towel and quit for the night, maybe try again tomorrow? OR would you turn it around and create a brand new lesson, about helping your child understand and talk about his emotions?

Source: Center for the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Available at: http://csefel.vanderbilt.edu/familytools/teaching_emotions.pdf

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