IntegraGen launches autism screening test for babies

ntegraGen, Inc., a molecular biomarker company, has launched a gender specific, genetic screening test that looks at 65 genetic markers associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder in children as young a 6 months.

The Cambridge company, which opened its office in 2010 and is the U.S. subsidiary of Evry, France-based IntegraGen SA, announced the launch of ARISk late Wednesday. IntegraGen SA Chairman and CEO Bernard Courtieu said the test will only be available through pediatricians, child neurologists and autism clinicians.

“The CDC’s latest prevalence finding show the rate of ASD is one in 88 children, 40 percent of whom are not diagnosed until the age of 4.5 years,” said Courtieu in a statement. “Our mission is to provide a reliable tool for early assessment of a child’s risk for ASD.”

Source: Mass High Tech Business News

Available at:

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