Tutorial 6 – Recognizing and Addressing Trauma in Infants, Young Children, and their Families

The Early Head Start and Head Start programs serve our most vulnerable children and families, including those who have experienced trauma. The last 10 years have brought tremendous strides in understanding child development and the developing brain. We have focused much of our attention on the importance of early relationships, the interactive nature of growth and development, the aspects of a child’s risk and resilience, strategies for promoting learning, and the science of child development. We have a deeper understanding of the early experience of young children and recognize how much the early years matter — including the experience of and recovery from trauma. The study of trauma, its effects on young children and their families, as well as healing and recovery has been expanding. Likewise, a large number of resources, publications, and interventions are easily accessible. This tutorial focused on trauma will provide a learning experience as well as valuable links to a broad range of resources for further learning and exploration.

Source: Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Available at: http://www.ecmhc.org/tutorials/trauma/index.html?utm_source=TACSEI+%26+CSEFEL+Updates&utm_campaign=32ec175765-TACSEI+and+CSEFEL+Updates_1.2011&utm_medium=email

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