When the Bough Breaks: The Effects of Homelessness on Young Children


Living without permanent, long-term housing creates a number of stressors for children and families, but being homeless can be particularly detrimental to the healthy development of young children. The National Center on Family Homelessness reports that more than 1.6 million children – or one in 45 children – were homeless annually in America between 2006 and 2010. It is estimated that 40 percent of homeless children, or roughly 640,000 over that timeframe, were under the age of six. 12 This brief highlights the effects of homelessness on children, with a particular emphasis on young children, and notes several policies and practices that could help mitigate negative outcomes.

Source: Child Trends

Available at: http://www.childtrends.org/Files//Child_Trends-2012_02_16_ECH_Homelessness.pdf

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