Dispute Resolution Resource Showcase

The Resource Showcase captures critical aspects of state systems and catalogues their underlying resources. Users of the Resource Showcase will find:

  • For each cell (the junction of a Continuum Process and a DR SIPE function), resources are available for download specific to that cell (e.g., “Training and Technical Assistance Resources” for the “Mediation” process).
  • In densely populated cells, item groupings have been created to facilitate access to resources that match the user’s interests.
  • For each Continuum process and each DR SIPE function, definitions that include features and elements related to effectiveness are available by clicking on the colored topic name.
  • Filters are available in the upper left corner of the Resource Showcase that allow resources to be sorted by State, Part B/C, English/Spanish, and for newly posted items.  The default sorting includes all states, both Part B and Part C, and all languages. Many Part B resources were developed to address both Part B and Part C dispute resolution processes in these states.

Descriptions of the Resource Showcase and how it works are no substitute for users experimenting with the application. CADRE welcomes feedback on the Resource Showcase and suggestions on ways that it can be improved.  We appreciate recommendations of resources for inclusion that have proven useful to states and may benefit other states that are interested in improvement. Search on!

Source: National Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education

Available at: http://www.directionservice.org/cadre/exemplar/matrix.cfm

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