January Probes & Tips – Types of Hearing Loss


Have you ever wondered, what is a “conductive” hearing loss? What is a “temporary” or “fluctuating” loss? What is a “sensorineural” loss? What is a “permanent” loss? How do I know what kind of hearing loss a child has?

These are questions that Early Head Start staff find themselves asking as children they’ve identified through screening go on for audiological assessment. Having a working knowledge of the terms used by audiologists to describe different types of hearing loss will allow you communicate well with the audiologist and assist the family in understanding the appropriate intervention.

Source: The Early Childhood Hearing Outreach (ECHO) Project

Available at: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=xcjxpbdab&v=001_7pdtf0NbxNtjzBI9GJvMXEBbr_HLRn8ExMKzpAEZLVnHefNX0cu9R_hCKB9j-h2eM3UwY1uXr07oN13W1TOXdD3GDjRSwvf01MF6pvR5EOUofZ4KeOHUesG0qvmWpIKlV5MF7OCbaF_D9RKCTz-2EOi9zSxNS6Vm-qTa3YRJTqAMwS2VS9gyw%3D%3D

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