SMART Technology: The Sequel


In August, you were introduced to the SMART Board which may be used with children of all ages, especially in the classroom. Even preschool children may be successful when using the with the SMART Board.

The SMART Table is a variation of the SMART Board and allows children to work together on one surface. This table was designed specifically for use by preschool to sixth grade students to promote collaboration, discussion, and social relationships. The primary difference between the SMART Board and the SMART Table is that the SMART Table is portable. Like the SMART Board, teachers engage their students in learning by the touch of their little fingers. The SMART Table comes with a toolkit that allows teachers to create endless numbers of activities. Teachers are able to customize ready-made activities as well as create new ones. And as students progress, activities may be redesigned as more challenging and engaging activities.

Source: Tot’s -n- Tech

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