Helping Babies Make Transitions


Keisha is in turmoil. Last week she was the assistant teacher of young 3s. unexpectedly, she is now a teacher in an infant classroom, caring for four babies ranging in age from 6 weeks to 12 months. Keisha knows she has the skills and abilities to work with babies, but she does not know the children or their routines. She is scared. She is not sleeping; her stomach has been upset. if only there had been time to follow the center’s transition plan, maybe she would not be so anxious. at least she can talk to her family, the director, and other staff about her feelings.
But the infants in Keisha’s classroom are coping with a transition too. unlike Keisha, they can’t use words to explain their feelings of uncertainty, frustration, loss, and fear.
“Transitions are about change, a passage from one experience, stage, or activ- ity to another” (Early Head Start National Resource Center 2004, 2). Keisha is  going from one position to another. She is able to voice her feelings of concern  and associate them to her physical ailments.

Source: Young Children/National Association for the Education of Young Children

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