The Big Picture Planning Guide Building Cross-Sector Professional Development Systems in Early Childhood, 3rd Edition

The Big Picture Planning Guide is designed to support a state-level planning process that leads to a single, integrated professional development (PD) system, across all early childhood sectors1. The ultimate goal of a coordinated PD system is to ensure that early childhood practitioners are highly effective in supporting the development and learning of every young child, including those with diverse abilities. Cross-sector planning is most likely to be productive when it involves:

♦ A high-level state team—people who represent the various early childhood sectors and who have the influence, authority, and commitment to transcend traditional boundaries to cre- ate new ways of working together and innovating to transform PD.
♦ Consensus on a meaning of PD that emphasizes both the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and the application of this knowledge in practice.
♦ Evidence-based practice—the specific educational programs and intervention strategies that have been validated through research, along with a decision-making process that practitioners can use to integrate various sources of evidence—as the cen- terpiece of professional development.(Fixen & Blase, 2009)
♦ Effective implementation strategies, processes, and infrastructure supports that promote change at practice, pro- gram, organization, and systems levels. (Ibid.)

Source: National Professional Development Center on Inclusion

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